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Tweets from bands/band members to remember if you’re feeling shitty

I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.

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what if the rest of homestuck is drawn like a shitty manga


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#if a cat and a dog got married this is what they would look like

that is actually a perfect description

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My music taste can vary too, but I'm a big BMTH fan, and I fell in love with Slipknot, the second I heard Wait and Bleed ❤️ going to see them in January actually^^ but yeah, SWS, La Dispute, AA, Blink182, etc. But I listen to all kinds of music, really 🙈

I like some of those too, nice.

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Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Click here to see the perfect gallery for more.

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I might check them out, sure :3 Yeah.. Your music taste makes you even more awesome, than you were before, daaayum xD

Ahh thanks I take pride in my music taste. What other bands do you like?

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I've never heard of walk the moon or magic man, but I'm a big Of Mice and Men, P!ATD and PTV fan ^-^

Ooh they’re alternative they’re so great and also yes that’s so great

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You need to find out why xD What type of music are you into?^^

Ooooooh ok you can look at my audio tag or I could tell you. Stuff like post hardcore-pierce the veil
And alternative stuff as well as Taylor swift. Also walk the moon and magic man and panic at the disco but also of mice and men and omg so many things.

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It's much safer I guess! Well, depends in Ireland xD seriously though, Whyy are you so beautiful


Ahh I don’t know ///

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Well first of all, I never really had them, physically, to begin with xD

That sounds safer. Tho I’ve heard difference meanings for balls. Fair enough.

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Yeah, hopefully you will ^-^ I literally don't have the balls to message you off anon D:

Oh no oh my god what happened to your balls?

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You should come visit, I could show you around :'D No problemo, gorgeous ^-^

That’d be rad. Hopefully I’ll get around to Ireland one day

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Well, Ireland is a long way away from New York.. xD Hmm; nah, I think you're super great! n.n

Ooh ireland. That is far away. I’ve never been there. Thank you tho uwu

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